Artist Spotlight: Virginia Johnson

January 11, 2020

This week's "artist spotlight" is on artist and textile-designer Virginia Johnson. I came across her work awhile ago in an old (2011) post on the Tory Burch blog about Deborah Needleman's book The Perfectly Imperfect Home. I saved the illustrations, and came across them again last week when I went down a Pinterest rabbit hole- I think you'll love them as much as I do!


Artist name: Virginia Johnson


Where she's based: Toronto


How she got started: As a PR and design assistant at Helmut Lang


Mediums & methods: watercolor- she designs textiles and paints what looks to be just about anything, but I especially loved her fashion illustrations ( she recently did some for the Globe and Mail of the Victoria & Albert Museum's Dior exhibit this past June) and her illustrations of interiors. 


Where you might have seen her work: Kate Spade (she started out illustrating their stationery after leaving Helmut Lang, and illustrated three etiquette books for them in 2004), Anthropologie (textiles), J. Crew (textiles), Vogue, New York Magazine (interiors), her own clothing collection of scarves, dresses, and tunics, and more. She also illustrated a children's book that looks RIGHT up my alley in 2014 (linked here) and her own book, Travels Through the French Riviera, in 2018 (linked here). 


What I love about her work: everything! I love her bright colors/use of color in general, her use of negative space (something I am always working on- I feel like the more planned white space, the better), and pattern- I love the mix of patterns in each of her paintings! I also love how she plays around a little with perspective in her paintings of interiors- any departures from the "rules" look like they're meant to be there, and add so much charm. 


You can visit her website here


All illustrations by artist Virginia Johnson- click for details

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