Introducing the Artist Spotlight Series: Mita Corsini Bland

January 4, 2020

At the end of 2019 (a few days ago), I spent some time reflecting on my year as an artist, and one "theme"/idea that kept coming back to me was inspiration. While the internet, social media, and technology are certainly not perfect, they've given us access to so much more art, photography, and visual inspiration in general. If I'm ever in a creative rut (which happens more often than I'd like!), I can open up Pinterest and within five minutes, I'll be lost in a world of watercolor and 1960s glamour and textile designs from 200 years ago (as they say, whatever floats your boat, ha!)


One of my "goals" this year (I put it in quotation marks, as I have trouble following through with things if I call them "goals"- so let's call it a habit actually) is to share that inspiration (with people who are interested- I certainly don't want to force my own inspiration on anyone else). Earlier this week, I made an Instagram account ( @picturesisawandloved) just for pictures that I've seen and loved- photos, paintings, interiors, you name it. I plan on posting to that daily.


I'd also like to start an artist spotlight series- sometimes, when I'm scrolling through Pinterest, or lucky enough to be walking around an actual art museum, I'll see a piece of artwork that stops me in my tracks. Instead of just snapping a photo or saving it in a folder on my phone, I'm going to try and learn a little bit about the artist behind the work, and share what I've learned on here. Most of the time, it will be shorter than this- just a couple of quick sentences- but I wanted to explain why I was doing this to start out. There's zero agenda here- just me learning a few new things and sharing what I find. 


This week's artist is Mita Corsini Bland. I came across this painting on Pinterest a couple of days ago and saved it- at first glance, I thought it was maybe by Cecil Beaton or Mark Hampton, and so I was so excited today when I clicked through and saw that it was actually by a female artist who is new to me. 


I learned through Mita's website bio that she was born and is currently based in New York, but was raised in Italy. She started out as an art historian, but decided to pursue painting after the birth of her first child (love this). She specializes in watercolor renderings of interiors, and her clients have have included Mario Buatta, Miles Redd, Brunschwig & Fils (as well as many others (she's also illustrated a book- Sister Parish Design: On Decorating (which I'm about to order with my Christmas gift card after I finish this post). One "fun fact" I learned is that she loves sketching family caricatures "often unbeknownst to them." 


I'll end with my favorite quote from her artist statement- "Drawing an interior is like figuring out a puzzle, once all the cross references of lines and shapes have been taken into account, it all comes together." You can read her biography and view more of her artwork here. 


 Watercolor interior by Mita Corsini Bland


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